Bowflex Max trainer M7 Reviews

The Max Trainer M7 is the most recent fitness equipment to have been launched by Bowflex in the Max Trainer Series and compared to other cardio machines like elliptical trainers and treadmills; the Max Trainer M7 has many more features to offer in terms of comfort and effectiveness. It is famous for its 14-minute workout sessions which are super convenient for fitness enthusiasts who cannot take out a lot of time to exercise on a daily basis. The reason why Max Trainer M7 is so popular is because it provides very effective but low-impact workouts which will not harm your joints or make you too exhausted. A published Bowflex max trainer review will help you understand the efficiency of the machine. Compared to its predecessors the Max Trainer M7 is unique because of its additional training sessions and upgrades.

What makes the Max Trainer M7 a good buy?

  • Multiple Resistance Levels:  Max Trainer M7 comes with a far wider choice of resistance levels, as many as 20 compared to 16 levels offered by its predecessor. It has a longer workout set and a longer warranty of three years. In terms of electronics, this model is the most advanced and can give treadmill manufacturers and elliptical trainer makers sleepless nights because it can help you burn many more calories that you could expect to on a regular treadmill or elliptical trainer.
  • Built-in Programs: The model is fitted with a wireless heart rate monitoring feature attached to a chest strap and far more adaptive programming for the benefits of its users. There are even pre-set programs that can be customized to suit the user profile. It is possible for you to save as many as four user profiles on this machine. All the built-in workouts are divided into two modes, Target Mode and Performance Mode. Options range from Max 7 Minute Interval and Max 14- Minute Interval, Calorie Goal and Steady Pace etc in one section to Fat Burn, Fitness Test and Calorie Burn etc in the other section. In comparison, the Max Trainer M5 had only 8 preset workouts and a Manual Mode. Besides, buyers will also get access to as many as 4 treadmill workouts through the MotionTraxx app.
  • Zero Impact Workouts: The Max Trainer M7 is popular because its workouts have been designed to generate zero impact; this means that you will not end up hurting your joints when you exercise on this machine as in standard treadmills. It is safe for everyone because there are extra long pedals to give your body enough stability.
  • Faster Calorie Burning: This machine ensures that you can burn twice as many calories as you would on a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. It is found to be even more effective than a stair stepper. The mobile handles attached to this training equipment ensure that your upper body gets an excellent workout; the arm bars are also superior being fitted with high-quality ergonomic grips.
  • Sync Workout progress: It is also possible to monitor your training progress with the help of the Bowflex app; you can transfer the workout data to this app and track the numbers.
  • Miscellaneous Features: Besides these highly advanced features for user comfort and convenience, this model also comes with a handy bottle holder as well as a media shelf that is far more spacious compared to the earlier models. What is more attractive about the M7 is that it is compact and has a space-saving design which is perfect for the house. It is fitted with wheels which help to move the machine around comfortably.
  • Guarantee: Finally, the Max Trainer M7 comes with an impressive 3-year long warranty and a six-month money back guarantee.