Steps to do bicycle ab crunches at home

The bicycle crunch is an effective workout to build core strength and tone your thighs. The workout helps in lifting the torso and contracting the ab muscles in the same manner as a basic crunch. As a result, the rectus abdominis which is the main part of the abs that helps in making six pack abs muscles get into action. This particular muscle has both upper and lower section that comes into best play when twisting part of the bicycle crunch begins to move.

Importance of bicycle abs crunches

The rectus femoris is situated at the center of your upper thigh. It is one of the quadriceps muscles in the body which helps in knee and hip extension as you pedal. The basic crunch fails to provide best action on this muscle and hence bicycle crunch plays its part for optimum results. Intercostals are the muscles that can be found between the ribs which help in forming the chest wall. Also, it aids in torso rotation during the workout and depresses and elevates the ribs.

Steps to perform bicycle ab crunches

  1. Lie flat on the floor by stretching your legs and holding your arms on each side. In order to obtain the benefit of this workout, it should be performed in the right manner or the effort goes in vain.
  2. Your hands should be placed behind the head and fingers can be interlocked for best comfort. Also, your arms can be kept at your sides if you wish to.
  3. Raise your legs so as to ensure that your thighs are placed in a direction perpendicular to the ground. Also, your calves should be parallel to the floor. Place your feet together.
  4. Reach out to left knee with right elbow. Touch the right elbow to your left knee as you lift your knee up towards your head. Keep your legs straight and it should be many inches off the floor as if you are pedaling a bicycle. Your abs muscles should crunch the body in the front so that your elbow approaches your knee. Make sure that your elbows are back and don’t bring them forward as it could cause strain on the neck.
  5. The next step is to touch your left elbow to your other knee. Also, keep your leg straight and off the floor. The first bicycle crunch is successfully completed now.
  6. Do bicycle crunches for 10 to 20 repetitions in sets. It is very important to rest between sets.

Once the muscles are worked, it helps in developing good breathing capacity and also enables in taking more oxygen. This in turn helps in working your muscles with every breath.  However, performing these workouts incorrectly can strain or injure your muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to follow each and every step correctly to ensure that the effect of bicycle crunch is seen within a short span of time. If you want to get rid of excess abdominal fat and tone your abs, the bicycle crunch is the most effective workout.