Effective exercises for flat tummy after C section

It is quite natural to make your stomach get back in shape once you have delivered a beautiful baby. However, in order to flatten your tummy, it is necessary to use the right fitness routine especially if you have undergone a C section. It is a major surgery that requires time for recovery. Follow the workouts and tips discussed below to ensure that your tummy loses all the additional fats without injuring your health.

Begin with gentle workouts

If you perform stretching workouts after delivery, it may cause more harm than good to your stomach. Follow the gentle exercises listed below.

  • Plow pose: Slowly lie down on the floor and try reaching your legs and arms above your head.
  • Bridge pose: Bend your knees as you lie on your back and press with your heels to raise your lower body.
  • Sphinx pose: Lie down on your stomach and lift your head and chest a few inches from the floor.

Focus on cardio exercises

Cardio workouts help in burning calories and eliminate excess weight of your tummy that causes a round and hanging belly. Brisk walking, cycling or swimming is some of the low impact cardio workouts that are safe for new mothers. Jogging is also a good solution, but you need to check with your doctor before you start. You can perform these workouts for a short period of say 10 to 15 minutes but in frequent intervals throughout the day.

Strength training exercises

You just need to spare 30 minutes of your time on strength training workouts only a couple of time in a week. It helps in strengthening your major muscles, increases your metabolism which in turn eliminates excess body fat. Begin with only one set of 10 repetitions of exercises like chest presses, squats, lunges and rows. For the initial weeks or months, you can consider these workouts and as you get stronger and recover fully, you can include dumbbells.

Work your abdominal muscles

Add some abs exercises in your strength training regime to rebuild all the muscles of your body. When you do so, you may not obtain a flatter tummy right away, but it helps in effectively burning calories and reducing scar tissues.

  • Side plank is a wonderful workout for the abdominal muscles and spine as it supports the back. You can work on side planks by holding it for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Heel slides can be performed by lying straight on the floor with knees folded and feet at hip distance apart. Slide the right leg out till the time it’s not parallel to the floor. Now, bring it back to starting point. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • Once you feel stronger, double straight leg stretching workout can be performed. Lie on the back and hold your head and neck with your hands. Reach your legs up towards the ceiling above the hips. The legs can be lowered as far as possible by squeezing them together. Come back to the initial position and do 10 to 15 repetitions.

These are some of the effective workouts to flatten your tummy after a C section.